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LukkaTax organizes all of your messy cryptocurrency data into clean tax lots for each of your cryptocurrency assets so you can report your capital gains accurately. Income is also calculated if you have situations such as mining and staking that should also be reported.

Traditional tax software doesn’t correctly account for cryptocurrency tax reporting. Lukka has been the industry standard since 2014.

Our user experience is guided and easy to follow – unlike other crypto tax calculators which feature poorly-designed, confusing user interfaces.

LukkaTax supports not only the 2019 tax year, but also 2018 and 2017 for those who need to refile.

Lukka is the only crypto software company that has both an AICPA SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II.

LukkaTax is the only solution that uses LukkaPrime, a pricing source that uses executed exchange prices.

Lukka Reference Data standardizes the data from all your sources to provide our users with consistency and uniformity.

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No limit on number of transactions.
No limit on exchanges or wallets.
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LukkaTax  has mapped all of the most common exchange and wallet files for you so that you can drag and drop them without having to  figure out all of the formats.

Easily import your trades.

Reduce your taxable income.

Create detailed tax reports.

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The IRS is asking...

For the 2019 tax season, the IRS is explicitly asking ALL taxpayers about their cryptocurrency, or "virtual currency".

Use LukkaTax with whatever traditional software you use.

Use the software that the exchanges count on for accuracy.

Refile 2018 and/or 2017 and potentially get money back from previous year returns.

Why is my gain/loss lower in LukkaTax?

Know the right questions to ask.

Are my acquisitions and disposals matched? 

Exchange level matching? or across all my data?

What pricing source is used to derive "Fair Market Value" (FMV) for cost basis?

How do you treat my trade fees in USD? What about the fees in crypto?

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If the answer is yes, you are likely going to pay more taxes than you are required to. 

Ensure matching is "global" across all of your accounts for each like asset.

If the answer is a third-party "index" or "VWAP" then you aren't using an executed exchange price which may misrepresent FMV.  

This may result in an inaccurate cost basis or proceeds value.

USD fees on an acquisition should adjust your cost basis. Ignoring them is plain wrong.

Crypto is a capital asset, so make sure crypto fees are treated as disposals and the value in USD adjusts your cost basis.

Not all crypto tax software is created equally.

Why don't we use APIs?

Simply put, they are unreliable. Lukka DOES use APIs in some other products when they are appropriate to use, but for tax reporting, why risk missing a transaction? Just drag and drop your files.


Yes, LukkaTax helps you identify and sort through all of these situations so that you can trust that you've done everything possible to optimize your crypto for tax reporting.



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LukkaTax gives you flexibility when downloading the reports that you need to file your taxes. Download your Crypto 8949, Schedule 1, with attachments if you have more tax lots than will fit on a single form OR download your lots in CSV format with all the exchanges listed and lots matched for you.

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